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Step into the world of Ace Safety Shoes Kenya. We explore the safety shoe options designed to meet durability, comfort, and protection for your feet.

Whether you’re working in construction, manufacturing, or any industry where hazards are present.  Ace Safety Shoes understands this need, offering a top-notch line of safety footwear designed for superior protection and comfort. We’ll delve into the features, benefits, and styles offered by Ace Safety Shoes.

Ace Safety Shoes Price in Kenya

The price of Ace safety Shoes in Kenya is as follows:

Ace Shoe ModelAce Safety Shoes Price
Ace Duma Safety ShoesKSH. 3500
Ace Mamba Safety ShoesKSH. 3500
Ace Sindi Ladies Safety ShoesKSH. 3500
Ace Wolverine Safety ShoesKSH. 4000

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Ace Duma Safety Shoes

The Ace® Duma Safety shoe delivers rugged protection and long-lasting comfort for demanding work environments.  Its steel toe cap and anti-puncture steel midsole shield your feet from impacts and hazards, while shock-absorbing technology and water-resistant genuine leather ensure you stay dry and comfortable, even during outdoor shifts.

Ace Duma Safety Shoes Protection Length in Inches

Ace Duma Safety Shoes Features

Genuine Leather

Invest in safety and comfort that works as hard as you do. Crafted from genuine leather, Ace® Duma Safety Shoes deliver the protection you need and the enduring comfort you deserve. This reliable footwear is built to withstand the demands of any industrial or outdoor job, keeping you focused on the task at hand.

Steel Toe Cap

Work tirelessly without sacrificing comfort. The Ace® Duma Safety Shoes combine a 200J impact-resistant steel toe cap with a supportive design that cradles your feet throughout the workday.  No matter how demanding the job, these shoes are built to keep you feeling strong and safe.


Designed to meet rigorous safety standards, these boots boast a slip-resistant, threaded outsole for optimal grip on challenging surfaces. The oil and water-resistant construction provides an additional layer of protection, promoting a secure and confident stride in potentially hazardous work areas.

Ace Duma Safety Shoes Features and Specifications


Ace Duma Shoes feature innovative shock absorption technology that neutralizes static and electrical shocks, preventing discomfort and potential hazards. This ensures a safer and more comfortable work experience.

Breathable and Soft Padding

The Ace Duma Shoes understand the importance of all-day comfort. Their insoles feature breathable design, allowing air to circulate freely, keeping your feet cool, dry, and odor-free.  Additionally, enhanced cushioning delivers lasting support and reduces fatigue, even when working long hours on hard surfaces.

Ace Mamba Safety Shoes

Experience the difference of safety shoes that refuse to compromise. The Ace® Mamba Safety Shoes delivers full ankle support, a powerful steel toe cap, shock-absorbing comfort, and water-resistant leather – all in a stylish design.  Embrace protection as stylish as it is effective.  Choose the Ace Mamba and work without limits.

Ace Mamba Safety Shoes Features and Specifications

Ace Mamba Safety Shoes Features

High Ankle

Experience the stability and support that sets Ace Mamba apart as some of the best safety shoes in Kenya. Their high-ankle design cradles your ankles, providing exceptional support on even the roughest terrain.  The snug, secure fit ensures your feet stay safe and comfortable, no matter what the job throws your way.

Steel Toe Cap

The Ace Mamba Safety Shoes prioritize your safety with a strategically placed, high-strength steel toe plate. This industry-standard protection safeguards your feet from potential hazards like falling objects, sharp materials, and accidental compression.  Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your most valuable assets are shielded throughout the workday.

Superior Shock Absorption

The thick rubber sole in Ace Mamba work boots acts as a powerful buffer against the harsh realities of industrial floors. Its shock-absorbing properties dissipate impact forces that can strain your feet, knees, and lower back.  This proactive approach to safety safeguards your comfort and mobility on the job.

Water Resistant

Invest in work boots that go the distance. The Ace Mamba’s water-resistant leather sole not only keeps your feet dry on the job but extends the lifespan of your footwear. Experience the long-term value of quality craftsmanship designed to withstand the elements.

Ace Sindi Safety Shoes

Ace Sindi Safety Shoes: stylish safety shoes for ladies that combine elegant design with unyielding protection. Workplaces can be unpredictable – slippery floors, heavy objects, even electrical hazards threaten your safety.  Don’t compromise! Take charge of your protection with the right safety workwear. Experience the confidence of knowing your feet are safeguarded.

Ace Sindi Safety Shoes Features and Specifications

Ace Sindi Safety Shoes Features

Genuine Leather

a polished look that’s built to last. Ace Sindi Safety Shoes are crafted from genuine leather, offering timeless style and the durability you demand on the jobsite. These aren’t just safety shoes for women, they’re a statement of professionalism that withstands wear and tear.

Breathable Inner Lining

Ditch the discomfort of sweaty feet. Ace Sindi Safety Shoes feature a breathable inner lining that promotes airflow, keeping you cool, dry, and odor-free throughout your shift. Experience all-day comfort that lets you concentrate on the tasks ahead.

Oil, Water and Acid Resistant

Work confidently, knowing your feet are protected. Ace Sindi’s robust leather repels oil, water, and even harsh chemical spills. These shoes act as a barrier against workplace hazards, ensuring your feet stay safe and dry.

Steel Toe

Experience supreme protection from falling objects or workplace accidents. Ace Sindi’s steel toe cap provides unyielding protection against impacts, crushing forces, and punctures.

Electrical Insulating Property

Ace Sindi Safety Shoes prioritize your wellbeing with an essential safety feature – electrical insulation. This minimizes the risk of electrical shock, offering an extra layer of protection when working around potential electrical hazards.

Slip Resistant

Slips and falls can happen in the blink of an eye. Ace Sindi’s slip-resistant outsole with its interlocking tread pattern helps you maintain a firm grip on various surfaces. Move with greater agility and minimize the risk of a fall.

In a nutshell

Ace Safety Shoes Kenya understand that protecting your feet is an investment in your well-being, your productivity, and your future.  By choosing their range of stylish, durable, and safety-focused footwear, you’re choosing to prioritize your safety without sacrificing comfort or style. Buy Ace Safety Shoes today from Urban Tex Limited and enjoy same day delivery within Nairobi.

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