Do your profession involves working at heights or aspiring to become one? Working at heights is considered one of the riskiest professions. A one-step mistake could be disastrous. However, wearing the correct attires for the job could salvage the situation and give you another chance to live a healthy life. Among the most important attire in this case is the work at height helmet. The helmet gives your skull paramount protection in case of falls or being hit by a falling object. In this blog, we explore the factor to consider when choosing and where to buy your work at height helmet in Nairobi. Sit back and read more.

Work at height helmets is an OSHO recommended safety gear for workers in professions prone to falls or falling objects. A high quality work at height helmet should be able to give the wearer significance protection against skull injuries. If not, then why wear it in the first place? When you want to buy a work at height  safety helmet, there are a few considerations you need to put first.

 What To Consider When Choosing Work at Height Helmets

 Design and Material

Safety helmets are made of different materials and designs depending on the type of workplace they are intended for use. For instance, some are made of fibreglass, others plastic and other materials. Work at height safety helmet are designed with strong head straps and a bigger head room, to give time for shock absorbing before the actual helmet comes into contact with the skull. Additionally, the helmet is made of hard plastic that cannot break easily, giving you a guarantee in terms of protections and durability.

Industry Safety Standards

When choosing work at height helmets, consider the industry’s safety standards and if the helmet if your choice meets the bare minimums. This also calls for you as and individual or the organization to be well versed with various work at height safety regulation and work at height safety gear regulations to help you choose what is best for you. So, when choosing the best fit material for your job, consider the workplace hazards.


When working for long hours, wearing the work at height helmet may bring discomfort if the straps remain at the same position. In that case, choose an helmet with adjustable straps and padding to allow adjustments for comfortable fit when working for long.


A well-ventilated helmet allows adequate air circulation around the head to prevent overheating and discomfort. In some instances, work at height jobs environment do not have shade cover, exposing the workers to direct sunlight for long hours. For instance, working on high buildings construction sites, washing windows in high-rise buildings, mast installations and building bridges among others. Well ventilated head prevents excessive sweating hence boosting comfort.


Choose a lightweight yet high quality work at height helmet that do not put much pressure on your neck. Work at height jobs requires paramount comfort to boost efficiency and physical health. Also, when working on jobs like mast installations or window cleaning, you should maintain low weights for better performance


Visibility in construction sites and other related fields is an important thing in safety. It makes communication easy, as well as curbing available accidents when people above you want to drop items to lower levels. To ensure that people are clearly visible in such environments, wearing work at height helmets with reflective features and bright colours is ideal. Reflective and bright coloured helmets can even be seen in low-light conditions hence preventing accidents.


Safety encompasses various elements entangled to create a more versatile environment. When we talk about work at height helmet fostering safety, the compatibility with other safety at height clothing boosts safety. Additionally, helmets, communication gadgets and glasses are worn around the head and should be compatible with one another to work effectively. On that case, when choosing work at height helmets, you need to consider things like glasses and communication gadgets if they are part of the safety gear requirements

Chin Strap

Apart from head straps, helmets with chin straps are more secure than those that do not have. Chin straps help in holding the work at height helmet in place, reducing chances of falling off when at work. Sometimes, head straps may become loose after a while when working. Helmets without chin straps can move around the head or even face and finally falling off. Such occurrences may increase accident chances and make no safety meaning of wearing a safety helmet. On the other hand, helmets with chin straps can remain in position even when the head straps loosen, giving your head protection as long as you work.

Customization Options

Customization options on work at height helmets gives you freedom to modify your safety gear in a way that you feel would foster safety and efficiency depending on the work environment. Accommodating accessory attachments such as flash light and cameras makes it convenient for workers where such activities are needed. Additionally, you can get yourself or the organization custom branded work at height helmets for proper identification and other security related issues.

Work at Height Helmets in Nairobi

Work at height workers have been on an increase in Nairobi lately due to a building and construction revolution that has been going on. In this case, the demand for work at height clothing, work at height straps and work at height helmets have gone higher. The few suppliers of work at height clothes in Nairobi have been forced to work around the clock to adequately supply the demand. One of the major suppliers of work at height helmets is a renowned safety gear dealers known as Urban Tex Enterprises.

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