In the world where all services are becoming more professional and professionalism is gaining more recognition, more and businesses and professionals are embracing uniformity to enhance identity and recognition. In this case, chefs and general kitchen workers, may bit be at home or commercial setting, they are embracing the usage of chef attires to make food preparation quite convenient while keeping their casual wear safe from splashing food particles. In this blog, we will delve into various chef’s uniforms aspects that we think you should know. Sit back and enjoy the reading.

Common Chef’s attires

Importance of Chef ’s Uniform


Hospitality industry is one of the sectors expected to observe paramount hygiene due to the nature of the business. May it be in established hotel chain, street food vendors or even at home, wearing clean chef attires portrays keenness and observance of work ethics and hygiene. One of the most disgusting experiences people share online is finding hair strands in their plates. Dirty food could completely ruin an established food chain within a blink of an eye.

To ensure that is prepared in clean manner, chefs should always be clean chef’s uniform. While in the kitchen, a chef should always ben in clean chef’s coat to assure food cleanliness as well as keeping their casual clothes clean. Additionally, chef’s coat protects them from buns from splashing hot oil, due to their strong and durable fabric. To curb the incidences of hair strands in food plates, wearing chef’s cap is an ideal solution, as it also helps in absorbing sweat from the head keeping you fresh as you go about cooking.


There are hundreds of professions that wear almost identical coat as the chef’s coat. However, what stand distinct is the chef’s cap. From a distance, you can identify a chef when waring a chef’s cap, even if they are not in any other chef’s uniform. The chef’s cap should however be worn together with the full chef uniform including the chef coat and kitchen shoes. Branding on the chef’s uniform is also a good way to boost identity. Many restaurants provide branded chef coats and professional chef aprons to their employees thus easing identity. Also, small hotels and street food seller have been embracing the branding norm to also boost their brands.


Workplace hazards differ depending on the profession. Kitchen workers are prone to burning more than any other job. Frying oil can splash at anytime, or hot liquids spilling accidentally. Picture this, a chef is frying some meal, and the hot oil comes into contact with water drop. If you have been in the kitchen before, you are a ware of the outcome. Having the chef’s coat will save the day from flying hot oil drops. Subsequently, humans hair, especially for women with long and oily hair, can catch fire rapidly if not properly dressed. This is where the chef’s cap comes in. When buying yourself the chef’s uniform, do not forget that, wearing a cap not only ensures food cleanliness, but also keeps the chef safe from burning.

What to Consider When Buying Chef ’s Uniform

Given the nature of environment where chefs operate, one need to understand that not every fabric or chef coat design would be suitable for the job. Here are basic things to consider when buying chef’s uniform in Nairobi.


Fabric should be the first thing to consider when choosing chef work uniform. The fabric should be strong and not easily catching fire. For instance, using a nylon made coat would be much risky because it may not offer the required protection. Nylon can catch fire easily, making the material unsuitable for the job. Additionally, the material do not absorb sweat, which would feel uncomfortable in a hot environment. Cotton clothing if the best suit for chef uniform. The material offer comfort, it is fire resistant and sweat absorber. So, you are seeking to buy the best chef uniform in Nairobi, you should go for the cotton one.

Chef’s Uniform Design

The design for chef’s clothes should be simple. Remember that the chef’s clothes are not for fashion show thus, putting them on and removing should be a simple procedure. Having the buttons on the right place, the right length and simple pockets will do much better for the uniform.


Never wear oversize or tight chef’s uniforms. Oversize clothing, may it be chef’s uniform for women or men, could be disastrous. For example, it may entangle some nearby kitchen ware leading to accidents, or even catch fire. Fitting clothing is easy to control, and could save a lot by reducing accident chances in the kitchen. Tight chef uniform is also not recommended. Chefs should be comfortable while in the kitchen and requires a chef coat that allows free movement. Tight chef’s uniform may restrict hands movement, which can be a recipe for accidents.

Where to buy Branded Chef’s Uniform in Nairobi

Branding uniforms increases customer trust as well as boosting identity. However, getting a creative and well-equipped company that sells branded chef uniform in Nairobi can be an uphill task. Some creatives may not have the right machines, while some abled investors lack creativity to do proper branding. On this note, only a few chefs’ uniform dealers are all-round equipped to guarantee you proper branding on your chef’s uniform.

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