Are you having trouble choosing safety shoes that best suits your workplace? Having a deep understanding of different safety shoes’ specifications makes it easy for anyone to pick the right one at any given time. In this blog, we will dive into a comprehensive guide on what you need to know to help you choose the perfect work shoe for your job. Sit back and enjoy the lesson.

To begin with, we all know that safety work shoes are made to offer extra protection to our feet that cannot be achieved by our casual shoes. Otherwise, everyone would want to slay on their best occasion-shoes even at work. Safety work shoes requirement should always be respected.  Wearing the right work boot size promotes safety to a grater length.

What to Consider When Choosing a Perfect Safety Shoe

Workplace Hazards

Workplace hazard comes first when choosing the right work safety gear. Different industries such as mining, metal factory, construction, oil and grease manufacturing presents different types of hazards. A person working in a grease and oils manufacturing plant would need a more oil resistant work shoe, while the one working in security industry would need a more tough-soled safety boot. This makes manoeuvring in bushes, rough surfaces or even in the dark easy without the fear of being, cut or pierced by sharp objects.

Safety Shoe Material

Work safety boots are primarily made of leather for the upper part and rubber for the sole. However, the toughness of the materials may differ depending with the nature of workplace it is intended for.  Steel toe cap safety boots are considered best for work places involving very heavy materials lifting and rolling. Materials such as metals, bricks, rolling oil drums, heavy pallets and moving containers among others require steel toe cap safety shoes for their extra level protection.

Composite safety boots are best used in lighter-duty workplaces as compared to steel toe cap safety boots. Warehouse workers attending to lighter luggage and packaging would best need a composite safety boot. Other than offering paramount protection to the toes and lower feet, composite safety boots are relatively lighter and more comfortable compared to steel toe safety shoes. Oil, chemical and fire-resistant materials also play a significant role when choosing the best safety shoe for your job.

Anti-slip Sole

Safety shoes soles are made of different materials including Leather, Dainite, TPR, Rubber. Rubber is the most recommended since it offers a wide range of advantages in various workplaces. They offer quality grip on wet and oily surfaces, great flexibility to ease movement and anti-puncture for advanced feet protection. Rubber soles also looks great on women’s safety shoes as well as men’s safety shoes.

Reputable Safety Shoes Suppliers in Nairobi

When shopping for a safety boot, always go for a reputable safety shoes supplier in Nairobi, who has built a brand name out of their best service. There are many Work shoes sellers and suppliers in Nairobi, but only a handful has built a reputation out of their excellent products. Among the best-known supplier is Urban Tex Enterprises, who have been the major suppliers of safety boots in Nairobi. The firm is a preferred   supplier by established security firms, cleaning companies, construction companies as well as individual buyers.

The company not only supplies safety work shoes in Nairobi, but also other counties in Kenya. Urban Tex Enterprises will ensure that your order is delivered on time and in best condition anywhere within the country. Whether you need safety work shoes, garden gumboots, safety gloves, overalls, chefs’ uniforms, medical attires or even safety helmets, Urban Tex Enterprises is a one-stop-shop for all you need.

Shoe size

Safety shoe size should be among the top considerations when choosing the best safety shoe for your job. Fitting shoes boost comfort and protection efficiency. Over size shoes may manipulate your movement leading to unexpected injuries. If you are looking for safety shoes supplier in Nairobi with a variety of sizes, always choose a reputable one with a good history in safety gear supply.

Safety Shoes Price in Nairobi

Price should also be a guiding factor when choosing work safety shoes. They say “cheap is expensive”, a saying that is very much relatable to almost everyone seeking to buy quality products. Quality work shoes have a price range among all the suppliers, with a small difference based on other logistics. Safety boots price should however not worry you.

A company that minds your pocket and seeking to build a lasting working relationship will give the best safety boots prices in Nairobi. In regard to market price range of quality authentic work shoes, Urban Tex Enterprises have the cheapest work shoe because they not only value a one-time business, but have the determination to build a lasting business relationship with their customers.

Buy Safety Shoes Today

Having taken your ample time to read this blog carefully, we hope that you have a grasp of what you need to consider when choosing the correct safety shoe for your job. To get the best deals from a reputable safety shoes suppliers in Nairobi, you should consider Urban Tex Enterprises for all your needs. The supplier has been in the market for a long time and built a reputable brand name in that field.

You can never go wrong with Urban Tex Enterprises. You will find every safety boot specification you need and conveniently. You can visit our online shop by clicking here, visiting our physical location in Nairobi along Munyu road, at Munyu road building 3rd floor, or call our hotline numbers. We ensure that your safety comes first.

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