Bee Hives Suppliers in Kenya

Are you looking for the genuine Bee Hives Suppliers in Kenya? But when choosing a hive supplier, there are several things to look for.

Bee hives are a critical part of honey production. Without them, bees won’t produce honey. But when choosing Bee Hives Suppliers in Nairobi, there are several things to look for.

 1. Local Beekeeper Recommendations

Ask around locally to find out who sells bee boxes and supplies. Many local beekeepers recommend specific Bee Hives Suppliers based on quality, price, service, etc.

 2. Quality of Product

Look for a reputable company that manufactures high-quality bee boxes and equipment. Be sure to ask questions about the source of materials used in manufacturing.

 3. Reputable Company With Good Customer Service

Try to find a company that has been in business for years and provides excellent customer service. They’ll also likely have a longer track record of providing reliable product.

 4. Warranty

While some companies provide warranty coverage, others may only offer replacement parts. Check all warranties carefully before purchasing.

 5. Price

Shop around for prices. Don’t accept the lowest price just because it’s offered. Compare prices between different companies and choose the one that has the best value.

 6. Shipping Options

Ask about shipping options. Some companies offer free delivery within a certain area, but charge extra for deliveries outside of that zone. Other companies charge a flat rate for delivery anywhere in the country.

 7. Returns Policy

Know what happens if something goes wrong with your order. Some companies allow returns, others require customers to purchase insurance, and still others don’t make returns possible.

 8. Availability

Is the company able to meet your needs? Are they open during regular business hours? Do they ship orders promptly?

 9. Communication

How quickly does the company respond to emails and phone calls? Can they answer questions about availability and pricing?

 10. Follow Up

Does the company follow up after placing an order to ensure everything is OK?

 11. Ordering Process

What type of information do you need to provide when ordering? Will they email you back with your order number so you can confirm receipt?

 12. Return Policies

Do they cover damages caused by improper handling, shipping errors, or poor packaging?

 13. Additional Information

Some Bee Hives Suppliers in Nairobi sell additional items like frames, feeders, guards, and queen cages. Others specialize in selling only bee boxes. Knowing what kind of inventory they carry will help narrow down the choices. Also consider asking about discounts for multiple purchases, special promotions, and seasonal sales.

 14. Guarantee

Some Bee Hives Suppliers in Kenya guarantee their products. If your hive doesn’t arrive damaged or defective, they’ll replace it or refund the cost of the box.

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