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What to Consider When Choosing Best Safety Boots Suppliers in Kenya

The best safety boots and shoes are essential to any personal protective equipment setup. Regardless of your workplace, there are existing risks anywhere that could result in serious injuries or, in a company, leave you vulnerable to liability lawsuits. However, you should not just get any safety boots in the market. To get comprehensive protection, you should go for the best safety boots. Here is a guide on what to look for and the existing standards among safety shoe suppliers in the market.

The first step is determining the present risks at your workplace. The types of risks determine the kind of shoes you will need. Here are some common risks safety shoes protect you against;

  1. Slippery fools
  2. Electrical hazards
  3. Walking on high-temperature surfaces
  4. Heavy or sharp items dropping on your feet
  5. Sharp objects on the floor
  6. Acids, oils, and solvents

When shopping around for safety boots suppliers in Kenya, here are the main considerations to guide your choices;

  • SB: this is the basic safety standard for safety shoes. An SB-rated shoe has non-slip soles and a steel toe cap that protects your shoe against an impact measuring 200 joules.
  • S1: S1 safety shoes have the basic slip-resistance and toe cap protection, and on top of that are oil resistant and antistatic protection. They also come with an energy absorption feature at the heel.
  • S2: S2 safety boots have all the features of S1rates shoes. On top of that, they have a waterproof surface preventing water penetration. They also offer excellent low-energy absorption in the upper foot.
  • S3: S3 standard safety boots have everything the S2 shoes have and come with midsole penetration resistance. This feature makes the shoe puncture-proof because they have a steel midsole, so sharp items cannot pierce through the shoe. They are the most reliable and cost-effective kind of safety shoe.
  • S4: S4 safety shoes come with all the features of an S1-rated shoe, but they are leakproof either made using a leather upper or have the entire shoe molded from polymer.
  • S5: An S5 safety shoe has all the features of an S4-rated shoe and adds puncture-proof protection through midsole penetration resistance.

Safety Standards of the best safety boots suppliers in Kenya

The most common standard of quality for shoes is the EN ISO 20345:2011. It entails codes that describe the extent of protection a shoe provides and, thus, its purpose. There are six safety shoes standard codes under this standard, including;

The Comfort of The Foot

Comfort is essential when buying safety boots, as it will impact your productivity. Considering you will be wearing the safety shoes for a long time, you want to be comfortable throughout. Consider the right size, as getting wide or narrow shoes will hurt. You also should not feel the toe caps or have the shoes pinching your toes. Finally, be sure you have enough heel cushioning so that your legs are not sore at the end of the day. For the best safety boots for comfort, try on the shoes and get a feel of their comfort before purchase.

Type of Toe Caps

There are different types of toe caps for shoes suitable for different working conditions. Steel toe safety boots are the most common because of their extra protection against objects crushing your toes. This attribute makes them excellent as industrial safety boots, which are used in workplaces with a higher risk of falling items like in construction or electrical work.

Composite toe safety boots are excellent in areas where workers have to frequently go past metal detectors. They also do not conduct heat or cold compared to metal toe caps, so they are perfect for workers in extreme temperatures.

Aluminum toe safety shoes are great for those looking for a lighter option than steel caps, and they also offer more room for ventilation, unlike steel caps. They, however, cost more than steel-toe safety shoes.

Durability and Quality

The quality of your safety boot will determine how well it does it functions. Consider the design and stitching, the various safety and comfort features, and the material used. The material also affects the durability of the shoe. The soles should be made from rubber as it offers the best traction, and the treads should match the surface on which you will use the shoes. Leakproof weather is the best material up top.

Condition of Your Foot

Some people tend to sweat a lot, and in this case, the construction should cater to this need. First, you will need a shoe whose construction allows for ample air circulation while in use keeping your feet dry. The inner side should also have a synthetic material that can absorb the perspiration from your feet, keeping you dry all day. These features will prevent your skin from getting sore and the shoes from developing a stench.


Safety boot prices are an important factor as they often determine the quality you are getting. Cheap knockoffs will compromise your safety. That does not mean you have to burn your pocket for the best safety boots for warehouses. Instead, find a supplier who provides affordable prices by sourcing the boots straight from manufacturers allowing them to pass the price discounts to you. An important factor to consider about prices is the replacement cost. It is advisable to replace shoes every 6-24 months if you use them frequently. Thus, it is better to have a quality and durable shoe that takes up to two years to require replacement as it is cost-effective in the long run.

The final part of finding the best safety boots is to get the right safety boots suppliers in Nairobi. You want a personal protective equipment supplier in Nairobi who stocks all kinds of safety shoes, from ladies’ safety boots to industrial safety boots. Fortunately, we have all the safety shoe supplies you may need for any work environment. We stock the best safety boots and shoes in Kenya, all high quality, comfortable, and durable. We can also guide you in picking the right safety shoes for your workplace should you need professional help. Visit us today at Urban Tex and get yourself or your employees the protection they need for work or Call us on 0726613117 or 0703209218. Location: Munyu Road Business Centre 3rd Floor Room D2.

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