Bee Keeping Equipment in Kenya

You can practice beekeeping at any scale, both as a hobby and for commercial purposes. It requires lower initial costs, and you can always scale up according to your resources, even a hive at a time. Regardless of your approach to beekeeping, you should use the right Beekeeping Equipment for Beekeepers In Kenya to ensure the quality of your honey. Make your work easier and protect yourself or your staff during their work.

Fortunately, beekeepers in Kenya do not need to start with extensive equipment. A few essential items will get you on your way to beekeeping, and as your needs and means grow, you can always purchase the next tool. For starters, however, here are the essential beekeeping equipment for any beekeeper.

Hives Beekeeping Equipment for Beekeepers In Kenya

Beekeeping Equipment for Beekeepers In Kenya

Langstroth Hive

The beehive should be your obvious starting point, its design, however not a straightforward choice. There are different types of beehives, the most common being the top bar bee hive and the Langstroth bee hive.

The difference is in their structure, which impacts their need for maintenance, ease of installation, space, and amount of honey collected, among other attributes. The top bar hive has the simplest and cheapest construction and is the oldest kind of bee hive. It does not take up much space, and there is no heavy lifting. It is, however, maintenance intensive and produces less honey.

The Langstroth Hive is more modern and mostly recommended for beginners. It has more compartments and components, making it hard to set up, and it also has heavy lifting. Fortunately, requires less maintenance, has higher honey yields, and allows for all honey extraction methods, among other advantages.

Bee Suit

Beekeeping Suit

A beekeeper’s suit or bee suit is your protective safety gear. It goes all the way from the ankles to your head’s crown. The best beekeeping suit comes complete with a veil that covers your face. The material should be hardy enough to prevent any piercing by the bees and eliminate any crawl-up spaces that the bees can get in through. The best bee suit suppliers will give you one that offers you excellent ventilation and visibility. You can complete your protective wear by pairing the suit with beekeeping gloves and proper safety boots.

Stainless Steel Bee Smoker

Bee Smoker

A bee smoker is a Beekeeping Equipment for Beekeepers In Kenya device that produces smoke in a controlled manner. The smoke makes the bees calm and docile, allowing you to access the hive in a way that is safe for you and the bees. The best bee smoker should have a heat shield that protects you from burns. It would be best if you also got the stainless steel bee smoker for durability and easy cleaning.

Hive Tool

A hive tool is like a bee keeper’s swiss knife, and it is an essential part of beekeeping. Bees are excellent, and sealing and gluing stuff together, makes it hard to move anything. The hive tool helps you remove the frames from the hive, detach the honeycomb from the sides, pry loose the frames, and even scrap and cut the propolis. It is an essential tool during both hive inspection and honey harvesting.

Beekeeping Equipment for Beekeepers In Kenya
Hive Tool

Uncapping Fork

An uncapping fork is a tool that helps you remove the honey from the comb without affecting the comb’s integrity. The comb is left in place on the frame, so the bees do not have to build a new comb. It is also called the uncapping tool and looks like a lend of a brush and a fork.

Bee Brush

Bee Brush

The bee brush is a simple tool that aids inspection and honey harvesting. It helps you move bees from the spot you are working on or where they should not be, like in the case of correcting swarming. Its design allows you to move the bees without hurting or agitating them. Pick a simple brush with natural bristles.

3 Frame Stainless Steel Centrifugal Honey Extractor

Beekeeping Equipment for Beekeepers In Kenya
3 Frame Stainless Steel Centrifugal Honey Extractor

A honey extractor is a modern way of getting honey from honeycombs. Traditional options would be to crush the honeycombs or to uncap the honeycombs and let the honey drip out slowly. A 3 frame centrifuge honey extractor ensures you get the honey out more efficiently. It uses centrifugal force to get the honey down faster than how gravity would do. It also keeps the combs safe so that the bees can reuse them. Invest in an excellent extractor like the 3 frame stainless steel honey extractor, and you will get higher honey yields.

Honey Sieves

Beekeeping Equipment for Beekeepers In Kenya
Double Sieve Honey Strainer

A honey sieve or a honey strainer does what the name suggests; it sieves honey, removing the impurities from the honey that come from the extraction process. The best honey should be free from pollen, wax, and other debris. There are different kinds of honey sieves, with the most popular ones including the stainless steel double sieve and the conical sleeve. The right honey sieve will also ensure you have honey with an even and smooth consistency.

Honey Settling Tank

Once you have your honey extracted and filtered, you need to store it in a container before bottling it. The container is the honey settling tank which allows air trapped in the honey to escape before you bottle the honey. Honey also needs to settle for about 12 to 24 hours to allow further separation from any present impurities. The honey settling tank is made using food-grade plastic or food-grade stainless steel. They come in different sizes. You have the option to pick one that best serves your need.

Where to find Beekeeping Equipment in Kenya

When sourcing the best beekeeping tools, the right supplier is crucial. You want a beekeeping equipment supplier who will get you genuine, high-quality products and also where you can access them conveniently and promptly. Cost is also a significant consideration, and the most expensive item is not necessarily the best. Finally, you want a supplier with all items under one roof, so you do not have to keep hopping from one store to another and stand to offer excellent discounts on your purchases.

At Urban Tex, Enterprises you can find all your beekeeping equipment needs. We have helped thousands of beekeepers add professionalism and efficiency to their beekeeping in Kenya. We understand the needs of different farmers and will guide you in finding the best item for your needs. Our products are made from food-safe and quality materials, guaranteeing durability and high performance. We stock all kinds of bee keeping equipment, whether for large commercial bee farms or small practices. We are the Largest Beekeeping equipment suppliers in Kenya with the most competitive prices in the market. Visit our online store today https://urbantextiles.co.ke/product-category/bee-keeping-equipment/or come to our physical store at Munyu Road Business Centre 3rd Floor Room D2 or Call 0726613117/0703209218

Beekeeping Equipment for Beekeepers In Kenya

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