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Honey Refractometer

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Portable Refractometer for Honey Moisture

  • Triple Scale: Measures honey moisture (12-27%), Brix (58-90%), and Baume (38-43°).
  • Ideal Applications: Perfect for honey, molasses, maple syrup, fruit jams, and beekeeping.
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation: Accurate readings between 10-30°C.
  • Durable Construction: Copper chrome-plated for longevity and a premium feel.
  • High-Definition Prism: Clear readings for easy measurement.
  • User-Friendly: Simple operation and cost-effective.


  • Versatile tool for various sweet liquids
  • Ensures accurate readings regardless of ambient temperature
  • Long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear
  • Effortless data visibility
  • Excellent customer support
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Buy a Refractometer in Nairobi from us Today. We are leading suppliers of bee keeping equipment in Nairobi.

A refractometer is a crucial tool for beekeepers in Nairobi to monitor the health and success of their honey production. It measures the sugar content in a sample of honey, giving the beekeeper an accurate reading of the honey’s density and quality. By measuring the sugar levels, beekeepers can determine if their hives are producing enough nectar and pollen to sustain their colony, and if the honey is ready for extraction.

Key Features of Our Refractometer Devices

This handy device is easy to use and can be used in the field or in the laboratory. Simply place a drop of honey on the refractometer’s lens and close the cover. The light will pass through the sample and produce a reading on the scale. The scale ranges from 0 to 32% Brix, providing a comprehensive analysis of the honey’s sugar content. The higher the Brix, the higher the sugar content, and the more valuable the honey.

One of the benefits of using a refractometer is that it eliminates the need for messy and time-consuming sugar tests. With traditional sugar tests, beekeepers would have to mix honey with water and then measure the gravity of the solution with a hydrometer. A refractometer provides a quick and easy way to measure sugar levels without the need for additional equipment or complicated processes.

In addition to monitoring honey production, refractometers are also useful for monitoring the health of a colony. By measuring sugar levels, beekeepers in Nairobi can identify if their hives are under stress, and take steps to improve their health. For example, if sugar levels are low, it may indicate that the colony is not getting enough food, or that the queen is not laying enough eggs.

In conclusion, a refractometer is a must-have tool for any beekeeper in Nairobi looking to monitor the health and success of their hives. Its ease of use, accuracy, and portability make it a valuable addition to any beekeeper’s kit. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, investing in a high-quality refractometer will help you to maximize the potential of your hives and produce the best quality honey possible.

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