Np 305 Single Filter Respirator


Reusable Respirator, Spray Paint Gas Mask Respiratory Protection, Multi-Purpose Dustproof Respirator

  • Single Filter Design
    Comfortable Wear
    Washable Nose Pad
    Adjustable Head Straps
    Cost-Effective Option
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The Np 305 Single Filter Respirator is a budget-friendly solution for light dust and fume protection. It’s ideal for occasional use during DIY projects, home improvement tasks, or light cleaning involving dust.

Key Features:

  • Single Filter Design: Utilizes a single filter cartridge to capture dust particles, low-level fumes, and some paint mists. (Not for heavy-duty chemical protection).
  • Comfortable Wear: The facepiece, constructed from soft PVC plastic, offers a lightweight and comfortable fit.
  • Washable Nose Pad: The included sweat-absorbent nose pad enhances comfort and can be washed for better hygiene.
  • Adjustable Head Straps: The adjustable head straps ensure a secure and customized fit for most users.
  • Cost-Effective Option: Provides basic respiratory protection at an affordable price.


  • Sanding and grinding tasks
  • Light painting projects (may require additional protection for strong solvents)
  • Dust cleanup
  • Mowing lawns
  • Basic woodworking involving dust generation

Important Considerations:

  • Limited Protection: The Np 305 is not suitable for heavy-duty chemical exposure, high concentrations of dust, or environments with hazardous fumes.
  • NIOSH Approval Unknown: There is no information available to confirm if the Np305 Respirator is NIOSH-approved. NIOSH is a U.S. federal agency that tests and certifies respirators for safety and effectiveness. For workplaces requiring certified respirators, consult a safety professional.
  • Filter Replacement: Filters are not typically reusable and should be replaced regularly according to manufacturer’s instructions or when breathing resistance increases.

Overall, the Np 305 Single Filter Respirator is a basic solution for limited dust and fume protection during DIY projects or household chores. However, for environments with significant dust, fumes, or unknown hazards, consider investing in a respirator with a higher protection level and appropriate filters for your specific needs.

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