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Full Body Safety Harness


Safety Harness Kit, Fall Protection Harness

  • Moisture-Wicking Comfort: Back, shoulder, and waist pads wick away sweat for a cooler, drier experience.
  • Enhanced Safety Inspection: Contrasting black and orange stitching for easy visual safety checks.
  • Ultra-Lightweight Design: Premium aluminum hardware offers maximum strength with minimal weight.
  • Versatile Attachment Point: Back web loop for twin SRLs, freeing up the back D-ring for rescue or alternative SRL.
  • Tool Belt Support: Reinforced belt and rigid pad prevent sagging, even with heavy tool loads.
  • Suspension Trauma Protection: Integrated straps help prevent suspension trauma after a fall.
  • Minimize Fatigue: Work longer with less risk of heat exhaustion and discomfort.
  • Prioritize Safety: Effortless inspections and versatile anchor points promote secure practices.
  • Lightweight Performance: Move freely and reduce strain throughout your workday.

Are you looking for a safety harness that will keep you secure while working at heights, but also comfortable and easy to wear? Look no further than our Full Body Safety Harness. This harness is designed to keep you safe and secure, while also providing maximum comfort and ease of use.

Made from high-quality materials, our  Body Safety Harness is both strong and durable. It features a full-body design, which means that it will keep you secure from head to toe. The harness also features adjustable straps, which allows you to customize the fit to your body for maximum comfort.

With its lightweight design, the  Body Safety Harness won’t weigh you down or make you feel uncomfortable while you’re working. The harness also features easy-to-use buckles, which make it simple to put on and take off.

Whether you’re working on a roof, a scaffold, or a ladder, the  Body Safety Harness will keep you secure and protected. It’s perfect for anyone who needs to work at heights, from construction workers to window washers to tree trimmers.

So why wait? Order your Full Body Safety Harness today and start working with confidence and ease. Our online ordering process is quick and easy, and we offer speedy delivery across the country. Don’t take risks with your safety – choose the Full Body Safety Harness today.

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