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Security guards help protect people and their properties. Their uniform play a major role in presenting the company they work for and to establish authority. A security uniform is the very first impression for patrons and clients alike. This is why choosing the right security officer uniform is important. But, in the market today there are thousands of security guard uniform to choose from.

This makes it hard to choose the kind that meets your operational needs. Therefore in this guide to choosing the right security guard uniform, we will help you make an informed choice as we will highlight critical factors you should consider and tip when buying.

Why Is Security Guard Uniform So Important?

Security guard uniform is important because it sets the guard apart from the general population, meaning that the wearer is in a position of authority. This uniform signifies professionalism and credibility. The uniform alone enhances public trust and confidence in the guard hence creating a rather secure environment for everyone around.

The issue of safety and visibility is reason enough to have your security guards wear their uniform. Security uniforms in Kenya often incorporate various features like reflective material. This helps to improve the security personnel’s visibility at night or in low-light conditions. This feature in security guard clothing safeguards the wearer against many dangerous situations because they can be easily identified during emergencies.

Security uniforms in Nairobi help to deter criminal activities. Criminal elements like targeting areas that are deemed to be vulnerable. Hence when your security guards are present in their uniforms such activities would be hard to take place if at all. Also, guard clothing serves as a visual cue and people around you can identify you as a security personnel. This leads to a quick response during emergency situations and enhances a sense of authority.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Security Guard Uniforms

Buying security uniforms in Kenya involves a well rounded approach. You Should consider numerous factors to ensure a professional presentation, functionality and compliance among other factors. Here are various factors to consider.

  • What material the uniform is made of

Choose security guard clothing based on the kind of material they are made of. The type of fabric might or might not allow for security guard’s accessories. For instance, a smooth and soft security officer uniform will not allow the officer to wear their weapon. A semi-scrub uniform is ideal because the guard can effortlessly hold their weapon. Ensure the uniform is comfortable on them and looks nice too.

Security uniform manufacturers know that the material must be long lasting. In a nutshell, you should buy guard uniform made using a breathable fabric. It should be waterproof and should not be too hard as to hinder guard movements. Always buy from a reputable security uniform shop as they ensure all their stock meet tis criteria.

  • Adaptability

Choose a guard uniform depending on the climatic condition of your area in Kenya. There are areas in Kenya that experience extreme cold or warm weather conditions. Others are warm throughout the year while some parts of Kenya have varying weather and climatic patterns throughout the year. When choosing security officer uniforms consider all these.

You might also consider buying them jackets or pullovers if the area experiences winter. Or purchase breathable and lightweight uniform if your guards work in an area that experiences summer for the better part of the year.

  • Authority and trust

Security uniforms should build authority of your security guards and inspire trust in the people around. Security uniform manufacturers understand this aspect and that is why they choose strong colors and combine them with police or military influenced deign features. These help to associate your security guards with an image perceived trustworthy and authoritative.

  • Easily identifiable

Security guard clothing must be easily identifiable at all times be it in a case of emergency like fire evacuation or terror attack like the West Gate terror attack. People should easily spot and identify them that they are indeed your security team by their clothing.

 You should get a unique and easily identifiable security guard clothing that is different from those of other teams working in your company. That is why security uniform Nairobi manufacturers put the word “security” at the back of guard jackets, front side or just somewhere in their guard wear.

  • Important features of security guard uniform

Check that the guards uniform you buy has pockets and pouches. These should be placed strategically on the uniform. Pockets and pouches are ideal for carrying important equipment like notebooks, radio calls, whistles, and in some cases, handcuffs.

 Their footwear on another hand must be comfortable. They must be sturdy and come with good traction. The ideal security footwear should allow for easy patrolling or standing for extended periods.

  • Fit and sizing

Get your guards fitting uniforms to make them look professional. Without this their morale can reduce and affect their performance. Always remember to check size chart and other important specifications so that you purchase uniforms of the right size.

Remember loose uniforms can cause discomfort, reduce mobility and affect their tailored look. When selecting uniform sizes therefore bear in mind their layering needs, body type and guard duties and you will get it right.

Other Tips to Consider When Buying Security Uniforms

While the above may not be the only factors to consider when buying security wear, these  coupled with a few handy tips will ensure you make the right buying decision.

  • Budget

Many times never sacrifice cost for functionality, and when buying guard uniform always remember that cheap is expensive as it may not always guarantee longevity or quality. In the same breath not all expensive guard wear guarantees quality. Before you pick one therefore consider your budget and the chances of loss, damage or replacement.

  • Uniform supplier and their reputation

It is not wise to purchase security wear from just any security uniform shop in Kenya for virtue that they are selling security uniforms. Always do due diligence and find one with a good standing. Purchase from an established supplier because they have been in the business for long and are experts in the field.

They are also likely to offer a wide array of security guard uniform options. Such suppliers also may be offering customization options such as logos and emblems for your brand’s identity.

Parting shot

Its clear now that choosing the right security guard uniform is not a walk in the park as you might have thought. But, once you understand the importance of this uniform you will start figuring out that there is. Understanding crucial factors when choosing these uniform, such as pi king the right material, adaptability,  authority and trust is important.

Also choose one with important security features and know your budget. Ultimately, get fitting guards uniforms because they look more professional and enhance their performance.

Urban Tex Enterprises has for many years been dealing with security guard uniforms in Nairobi. Our expertise and years of experience will help you find the right guard uniform in Nairobi. Feel free to contact us anytime and we will be glad to help you choose the right guards wear.

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