Are you looking for new safety helmets in Nairobi? The city offers a wide variety of options, from low-cost basic models to ultra high-end expensive options. To help make sure you get the best safety helmet for your needs and budget, here’s an easy guide on how to shop from the best Safety Helmets suppliers in Nairobi:

 1. Set Your Budget 

 The first step is to set a budget for your new safety helmets in Kenya. Determine how much money you have to spend on the helmet and stay within that range when shopping. This will help ensure that you don’t overspend or purchase something outside of your price range.

2. Research Brands and Models 

 Once you have determined your budget, start researching brands and models in your price range(Work at height helmet or a usual safety helmet. Read reviews online, ask other friends or professionals who may have advice, and visit safety helmets suppliers in Nairobi if possible so you can compare different helmets side by side.

 3. Check Safety Ratings 

 When selecting safety helmets in Kenya, look for safety ratings such as EN 397 Safety Ratings. This ensures that the helmet has met rigorous testing standards and can provide maximum protection while riding or participating in sports activities such as motocross racing or snowboarding. 

 4. Consider Comfort Features 

 In addition to safety ratings, it’s important to consider comfort features when shopping for new safety helmets in Nairobi. If a helmet does not fit properly it won’t be comfortable to wear for long periods of time or during high intensity activities such as mountain biking downhill trails at top speed! Look for heavily padded interior liners with adjustable chin straps so you can customise the fit based on your own head shape and size as well as sweat-wicking material that keeps perspiration out of your eyes while cycling through terrains.


5. Look For Warranty Coverage 

 Most brands nowadays offer warranty coverage which is great if something goes wrong with the product after purchasing it– especially if it’s due to manufacturing defects which are often covered under these warranties even after using them extensively! Make sure to read through warranty details carefully before committing to any particular brand or model so that if anything does happen down the line then at least some peace of mind will come with knowing repairs/replacements will be taken care of quickly & efficiently.

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