Safety Boots Suppliers in Nairobi

Industrial Safety Boots Suitable in Kenya. Are you currently actively looking for Safety Boots Suppliers in Nairobi? Look no further. Our store Urban Tex Enterprises got you covered. We are a one stop shop for safety boots in Nairobi. Our store has in stock both men’s safety boots and ladies’ safety boots. Our team of professionals will also help you determine the type of safety boots that will serve you right.  Our shop is one of the leading Safety Boots Suppliers in Nairobi.

Below are the Key Features for the Safety Jogger Safety Boots.

Safety Jogger Safety Boot – Steel Toe Cap S3/S1P Work Shoe for Men or Women, Anti Slip Puncture Resistant Steel Sole, Shock Absorbing, Water and Oil Repellant, UK 5 EU 38, Bestboy, Leather, black

  • Steel Toe Cap: The Safety Jogger Best Boy Safety Shoe with Steel Toe Cap Technology, assures protection up to 1.500 KG pressure. You can drop a heavy hammer or a wooden pallet without hurting your toes
  • Puncture Resistant Steel Sole: The Safety Jogger Industrial team created a strong steel sole that keeps your feet safe. No nails will go through your sole when you step on it
  • Water And Oil Repellent: you can step into a puddle of water and keep your feet dry at all time, splashes of oil will also be repelled. Work in an environment with high humidity and presence of oil or hydrocarbons without harming your feet
  • Non Slip Src Sole with maximum grip. You will not slip when running through oily surfaces or wet floors
  • Shock Absorbing: the sole is created specifically to absorb every shock. You can come home after a hard day of work without tired legs and hurting back.

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