Safety Cones – 75 Cm


Parking Cones with Reflective Collars, Orange Cones for Road Safety, Parking Lots, Construction Cones, PVC Caution Cones

  • Wide Range of Applications: Perfect for emergency responders, road safety, schools, construction, hazard marking, parking management, and anywhere temporary boundaries or warnings are needed.
  • Highly Visible Day and Night: Bright orange color and reflective collars ensure the cones are easily seen, even in low-light conditions like fog, rain, or snow.
  • Sturdy and Long-Lasting: Made from durable PVC, these cones resist fading, water, oil, and wear. They can even withstand being run over by a vehicle.
  • Weighted Base for Stability: Each 5-pound cone features a weighted base to prevent tipping in windy conditions, ensuring they stay in place.

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Safety Cones/Traffic Cones/Road Safety Cones

These high Traffic Safety Cones are  eye-catching to warn people to notice it no matter day or night, cloudy, foggy, or wet day. The road safety cones are equipped with silver high intensity reflective strips.

The stable traffic cone is flexible, not easily crushed, and resistant to UV rays, moisture, and grease. It is made of odorless, ecologically friendly PE material.

The parking cones can be overlapped and placed in warehouses or the trunk of a car, taking up less room and making them simple to store and carry.

These safety cones can be used in driveways, alleys, gardens, construction zones around schools, and parking lots.

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