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Emergency Eye Wash Station

Emergency Eye Wash Station

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Are you looking for Emergency Eye Wash Station in Nairobi? This green, wipe clean plastic emergency eye wash station comes complete with shatter proof mirror and two bottles of 500ml saline eyewash solution. The station is wall mounted to hold two easy-open Sterile Buffered AeroWash Eye Skin Rinse 16oz bottles.

Key features of our Emergency Eye Wash Station

It is a portable all-in-one Eyewash Station to remove loose foreign material, air pollutants or chlorinated water. Helps to relieve irritation, discomfort, burning, stinging and itching Includes:  Emergency Eye Wash Station in Nairobi

  • The ergonomic eye mask and continuous water flow on the eyewash bottle can better clean your eyes, and provide a long enough eyewash service to fully relieve the discomfort of the eyes. The small mirror under the eyewash can be used to check the cleaning or injury of the eyes and other parts.
  • The emergency eye wash station is equipped with 2 empty eye wash bottles, adopt single-port rinse port. The eyewash bottle has excellent flexibility, easy to squeeze, it can easily control the water flow by squeezing the bottle.
  • Easy To Use Emergency Eye Wash Station in Nairobi- Easy use, open the sealing screw cap of the bottle body, squeeze the bottle body with your fingers, the user need raise the head, aim at the user’s eyes or face with eyewash or pure water, and carry out puri-fication and rinse for at least 10-15 minutes.
  • This Emergency Eye was station is made of PE, safe material with long service time. Compact design, light weight, easy to install & carry, suitable for emergency use, widely used for industrial sites, small offices and chemical plants.
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