Industrial Safety Boots In Kenya

Safety Jogger Safety boots
Safety Jogger Safety boot

Safety Boots Suitable For Your Workplace.

Are you in Nairobi and looking for safety boots? Look no further. Our store Urbantex got you covered. We are a one stop shop for safety boots in Nairobi. Our store has in stock both men’s safety boots and ladies’ safety boots. Our team of professionals will also help you determine the type of safety boots that will serve you right.  This article, however, will focus on safety jogger boots and Vaultex safety boots.


Despite thorough risk assessments and putting in place measures to manage the risks, workplace accidents are prone to occur. Bearing that in mind,  you cannot downplay the importance of Personal Protective Equipment.


Safety boots are one of the main PPEs that most industrial work environments require. The type of footwear you choose should be able to protect against the risk in question. This brings us to the different types of safety boots, which include compression, puncture and impact.

Safety Jogger Boots.

There are different composition materials of safety jogger boots, and this depends on the purpose they serve in protecting the user. Below are some of the descriptions of safety jogger boots and their specific purposes.

Steel Toe Safety boots.

The toe caps of these safety boots compose of steel only. The protective steel cap adheres to the American ASTM and  European standards to ensure maximum user safety.They protect users from blades, compression from rolling or falling objects, and accidental impacts from different objects.

Steel Midsole.

The outer sole is made of rubber, while the midsole of steel is sandwiched between the two layers of rubber.They protect the user from accidental slips, water and oil spills. Users can also wear them in dry and moist environments comfortably.

Anti-slip/Oil Resistant/Anti-static

Breathable leather makes up the upper part of these types of safety boots. Their steel cap is purely perforated steel, and heels are extra padded for heel-energy absorption. They are also lightweight for easy movement.They are useful in protecting the users from falling on slippery floors, oil spills and electric shock.

Dual Density Sole

They are made from polyurethane compounds, making them light, climate-controlling and comfy. The material is also anti-static and very durable.They are helpful to workers in the construction and mining sectors in controlling the varying temperatures of their work environment. The boots give a safe, comfortable, and productive working environment.

Vaultex Safety Boots

Vaultex safety boots are made from polyurethane soles and high-quality breathable leather. This combination of materials results in a light, comfy, and safe boot for both men and ladies. Their soles have energy-absorbing heels, a flexible steel plate, and an insole resistant to acids and oil.

The double density sole is also penetration resistant and therefore useful in construction and mining sites to protect the users.

In addition to the men’s and ladies’ safety boots, our store offers a wide range of protective equipment in Nairobi. You can visit our website to check the available PPEs and our store’s physical location in Nairobi. All our products are of high quality and available at competitive prices.



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